Introducing Jens Ploesser Guitars

We’re a workshop based in Canberra, Australia. We specialise in handmade, small production and one-off, high end acoustic guitars.

We use tone woods from trusted local suppliers, who are able to find us beautiful timbers from interstate and international distributors. We place a high value on renewable resources and finishes. We use plantation timbers as much as possible and natural finishes such as shellacs and oils. Although we do use the tried and true nitrocellulose finishes, we are constantly experimenting and researching alternative, less toxic and environmentally friendly finishes.

We have a small product range of instruments in three different sizes, as well as cutaway and arm bevel options. Our plan for the future is to add electric, bass, and arch top guitars to our range.

We hope you love your Jens Ploesser Guitar as much as we have loved creating them!

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